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  1. File Uploading:-
    • Upload zip file to your "root" directory or directory where you want to run your APP and than Unzip it.
  2. Database Handling :-
    • You can perform this action using either "PHPMyAdmin" tool provided in control panel, or directly via "MySQL" console, Scope on how to create database, username and password is beyond this documentation, if you need any such help, you can comment out, I can assist you there.
    • Create MySQL Database for this application. E.g, "lms_app".
    • Create MySQL username fot this application. E.g, "lms_user".
    • Setup Password for your created MySQL User.
    • Video HELP :- Kindly follow this youtube URL to know how to perform above steps in cpanel.
  3. After successfully creating -> database, username & password
    • Open app/config/database.php file and change username , hostname, password, and name of database in mysql section.
    • Open app/config/app.php Change "debug" to false, change URL to your URL.
    • Open app/config/mail.php Change mail system to your preferred option, suggested is "mail".
    • Save all the File.
  4. Now, Visit your Site and Enjoy Script. If you have any problem, just leave me message using Contact tab.
  5. Admin Details :- http://example.com/lms_path/users/login/
    Username: Administrator
    Password: abcdef


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